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Frenchie here, and I am all about helping you staying and looking much younger than your age. There are lots of people giving tips about looking younger. But they all miss two fundamental things: firstly, they don’t test the methods they suggest, so they don’t know how much their methods work and how fast. This ends up in a big waste of time when you try those methods, as you don’t get the results you want. Secondly, staying younger is as much about HOW to do things as about WHAT to do. That’s where Healthy & Youthful makes a HUGE difference: actually I have tested everything I suggest to you amongst tons of other tips and tricks and I only kept what works best and faster. Also, I cover ALL the aspects of staying younger from WHAT to eat to the most efficient techniques of Meditation, Yoga, and Gym, and even more importantly, HOW to do these things. Sounding up your alley? Catch up with my latest videos and see you in the comments !

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Hi, I am Frenchie! I am 50 years old and have been testing plenty of techniques over the years to be and look younger. Some worked and worked fast. Some others didn’t. And I often found out that some things worked better fi combined with others. Today my deeper aspiration is to share all this with you. So, if you are new here, make sure you click on the YouTube button below to catch up with my latest videos with plenty of tips to be, feel and look much younger than your age!

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